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Special thanks go to everyone who contributed to Penguiness since the inception of the project. See below for a list which is continually being added on to.

Name Contribution (Photos or data)
Sabina Airoldi Tethys Research Institute: striped dolphin / long-finned pilot whale
Zahangir Alom susu
Alexandra Amat waved albatross / blue-footed booby
Kagari Aoki sperm whale / indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin / beluga / risso's dolphin
Alejandro Avampini commerson's dolphin / southern right whale
Robin Baird blainville beaked whale / long-finned pilot whale / northern bottlenose whale / pantropical spotted dolphin
Katia Ballorain green turtle
Giovanni Bearzi Tethys Research Institute: short-beaked common dolphin
Yannick Bertho Functionalities and technical maintenance on version 2
Rémi Bigonneau Data contribution
Arnoldus Blix ross seal
Gary Braasch black guillemot
Corey Bradshaw olive ridley sea-turtle
Erik Breden The Otter Side: wedge-tailed shearwater / brandt's cormorant
Joël Bried monteiro's storm-petrel
François Brischoux DATA
Ashley Bunce australasian gannet / razorbill / atlantic puffin / shy albatross / westland petrel / white-chinned petrel / grey seal / loggerhead turtle / black-faced cormorant / buller's shearwater / fairy prion / white-capped albatross / salvin's albatross
Steve Canipe galapagos sea lion
Timothée Cook DATA
Marina Costa Tethys Research Institute:in
Donna Dewhurst King eider / Barrow's goldeneye
Michelle Du Toit spotted shag / fluttering shearwater
Manfred Enstipp double-crested cormorant
NOAA Southwest Fisheries Center black scoter / hawksbill turtle / dusky dolphin / blue whale / false killer whale / fraser's dolphin / spinner dolphin / rough-toothed dolphin / bryde's whale / short-finned pilot whale / killer whale / bowhead whale / guadalupe fur seal
Jean-Yves Georges rockhopper penguin / leatherback sea-turtle
Mike Goebel juan fernandez fur seal
David Gremillet cape gannet / crowned cormorant / little auk / bank cormorant / great cormorant
Richard Hobson arnoux's beaked whale
Dave Houston erect-crested penguin / snares penguin / fiordland penguin / humboldt penguin / yellow-eyed penguin
Takashi Iwata northern minke whale
Hiroshi Kanda antarctic petrel
Akiko Kato adélie penguin / little penguin / japanese cormorant / little pied cormorant / macquarie shag / cape petrel / rhinoceros auklet / weddell seal
Roger Kirkwood snow petrel / heard island cormorant / imperial shag / royal albatross / grey-headed albatross / pintado petrel / short-tailed shearwater / south american fur seal / new zealand fur seal / south american sea lion / new zealand sea lion
Nobuo Kokubun fin whale
Celine Le Bohec peruvian booby / red-legged shag
Sue Lewis northern gannet / brown booby / red-footed booby / masked booby
Nikolai Liebsch harbour seal
Josh London ribbon seal
Alexandre Martin Building of the version 1 of the database and design of version 2's webpage
Susanne Miller polar bear
Yoko Mitani steller sea-lion / california sea-lion
Steve Moore Short-tailed albatross
Rubaiyat Mowgli indus river dolphin
Yasuhiko Naito northern elephant seal / south georgian shag / ribbon seal / northern fulmar
NIPR National Institute of Polar Research The NIPR was visionary in housing for free the first version of the Penguiness Book (by that time an html-written "database").
Joan Navarro DATA / south-georgia diving petrel
Seiji Otani humpback whale / hourglass dolphin / harbor porpoise
Akihisa Otsuki laysan albatross / black-footed albatross
Dave Pearson saint giron's sea krait
Hans-Ulrich Peters southern minke whale
Joe Pfaller yellow-billed sea snake
Richard Phillips DATA
QUARTL photos guanay cormorant / pacific black duck / australian darter / australian wood duck / pied cormorant
David Pinaud yellow-nosed albatross / black-browed albatross / light-mantled sooty albatross
Jean-Marie Poncelet clic-nature.be: common scoter
Klemens Pütz Data submission
Norman Ratcliffe DATA
Ben Raymond Technical input on front-end and functionality
Yan Ropert-Coudert african penguin / king penguin / magellanic penguin / gentoo penguin / macaroni penguin / royal penguin / chinstrap penguin / wandering albatross / sooty albatross / cape cormorant / little black cormorant / southern giant petrel / streaked shearwater / australian pelican / southern elephant seal / australian fur seal / sub-antarctic fur seal / australian sea-lion / leopard seal / northern fulmar / snow petrel / crozet shag
Peter Ryan black-necked grebe / thin-billed prion / little grebe / blue petrel / african darter
The SCAR The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research financed the development of version 2 of the Book, turning it into a proper database.
Michael Shepard BirdInfo: antarctic shag / neotropic cormorant / pelagic cormorant
Kozue Shiomi dugong
Glen Smart Harlequin duck / Long-tailed duck
Iain Staniland DATA
Antje Steinfurth galapagos penguin
Dipani Sutaria irrawaddy dolphin
Akinori Takahashi northern giant petrel / common diving petrel / rock shag / shag / red-faced cormorant / brünnich guillemot / guillemot / black guillemot / parakeet auklet / horned puffin / tufted puffin / crabeater seal / antarctic fur seals / northern fur seal
Nobuhisa Takano Personal Museum of Natural History: reed cormorant / bulwer's petrel / great white pelican / australian darter / australian little grebe / hoary-headed grebe
Hideji Tanaka kerguelen shag
Arnaud Tarroux antarctic petrel
Jorma Tenovuo JTENOVUO.COM Birding and Digiphotos: / common pochard / red-crested pochard / steller eider / tufted duck / common goldeneye / red-breasted merganser
Mogens Trolle DATA
Anton van de Putte Technical advice on front-end, as well as links to GBIF, OBIS and WoRMS. Also acted as liaison for setting up the URL.
Jaap van der Toorn atlantic white-sided dolphin
Yuuki Watanabe bearded seal / baikal seal / ringed seal
Kentaro Watanabe broad-billed prion
David Weller gray whale
Daniel Weller white-faced storm petrel
Paul Wensveen Northern Bottlenose whale
Lilly Whitehouse king eider
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service marbled murrelet / pigeon guillemot / cassin's auklet / horned grebe / common eider / least grebe / western grebe / red-necked grebe / common loon / red-tailed tropicbird / hawaiian monk seal / walrus / kemp ridley sea turtle / west indian manatee / sea otter / river otter / pied-billed grebe / lesser scaup / ruddy duck / marine iguana / arctic loon / brown pelican
Angus Wilson ancient murrelet / black-footed albatross / campbell island albatross / chatham island albatross / sooty shearwater / great crested grebe / new zealand dabchick
Ilka Zimmer emperor penguin / platypus